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POC testing stands for Point-of-Care testing, which refers to medical tests performed at or near the location where the patient is receiving care rather than at a separate laboratory. Some pharmacies offer POC testing services as a convenient option for patients who need to monitor certain health conditions or receive diagnostic testing.

Examples of POC testing that may be available at pharmacies include blood glucose monitoring for diabetes, cholesterol testing, flu testing, and strep throat testing. These tests are typically performed by a trained pharmacist or pharmacy technician, and the results can be provided quickly, often within minutes.

POC testing at Inovia Pharmacy can provide patients with more convenient access to testing services and may be especially helpful for those who have difficulty traveling to a separate laboratory or medical facility.

Inovia Offers the following POC Testing services. For more information, please call 661-829-7861.

  1. A1C:
  2. Cholesterol
  3. Strep
  4. Flu A/B

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